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FV Glitter N'Gazi and myself doing what we love!

FV Glitter N' Gazi and myself doing what we love!

Endurance, Tack, Trail Riding

Keeping you connected on the trail or in the ring.

From the start, I wanted to offer a unique style of beta biothane tack that is different to all the rest. Why make what is already available?

From esthetic color changes to construction I work at creating a custom Trail Connection product that gives durability, class and comfort for you and your horse!

 No Arab, Horse, Warm blood or Draft size is the same and that is why when ordering Trail Connection tack, you are asked to provide the custom measurements from your horse's head, before your custom set is created.

This will deliver tack with a superior fit and comfort for your horse. No more, too close to the eye, or not far enough away from the ears.

Trail Connection is all about creating beautiful unique custom tack and dog accessories. When ordering your custom pieces it includes design services, so you get the support you need to create just what you invision.

I make everything by hand right here.....

So often we order what we think is Canadian turns out half is being made abroad, the quality often takes a hit. I aspire to offer customized products that are 100% made here in Canada, right here in my workshop with Jolene.

I use a heavy Bonded Nylon thread to offer superior durability and strength. I use only Beta Biothane  from Biothane USA, made in the USA. My source for this Biothane is in Ontario. I use only the highest quality Stainless Steel and Solid Brass hardware so you wont have any chipping or rusting. 

Why I offer design services is so you are supported in your custom experience. It can be overwhelming to make all the choices, so I can help in the process, and the result is one of a kind unique tack. 

Trail Connections Workshop, Meet 'Jolene' my Cobra Class 3 Sewing machine. Here the magic happens!

Contact Trail Connection

If you wish to contact me directly please feel free to call/text 

250-706-3912 or fill out the contact form below. Please allow 24 hrs from response from form.


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