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Beta BioThane® Tack and Accessories

I offer design services is so you are supported in your custom experience. It can be overwhelming to make all the choices, so I can help in the process, and the result is one of a kind unique tack.

Simplicity Bridle


The Simplicity Bridle offers you simple elegance and comfort for your horse. Notice the stitched crown peice.  

Side Pull Combo


When you want the option to not only have a halter/bridle combo, but also to go bitless on the trail! This beautiful deluxe side pull does just that. Comes with bit hangers for your hackamore or bit of choice.

Halter / Bridle Combo

$175 - $195

One bridle for all uses. This versatile bridle allows you to tack up, haul and ride all with one piece of tack! Simply attach your bit or hackamore when you are ready to hit the trail or ring.

SnapON Halter/Bridle


 The SnapON bridle allows you to easily go from the trail to your vet check or trailer, without the hassle of bit hangers. Your horse has the comfort of a Beta BioThane® Halter built right into your bridle combo. 



This S-Hackamore sits perfectly to the curve of your horses nose. Easily adjustable with two conway buckles. Padded with Black or Brown Neoprene and your choice of Beta BioThane®. 

Deluxe Padded Breastplate

$198 - $215

Secure your saddle from slipping back, either when expected or when unexpected. This Deluxe breastplate will give comfort for your horse with its padded neoprene backing and wither strap cover. 

Simplicity Breastplate

$189- $208



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