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Questions you would like answers to about BioThane®

Does synthetic hurt the animals?

Not any more than leather! As long as you size the end product correctly it should never hurt your animal.

Will it smell if the animal gets wet?

No, BioThane® is stinkproof.

How long will it last?

Under normal use, BioThane® will long outlast leather and nylon.

Will the color fade?

The opaque colors tend to hold color significantly longer than the fluorescent colors. In general, the deeper the shade of the hue, the longer it will last.

Will it still work in cold weather?

Yes. BioThane remains flexible and durable in cold weather.

Does it get sticky or tacky?

Under normal use it will not get sticky or tacky. It can get sticky or tacky if it is exposed to certain chemicals like DEET.

Will the material cause hot spots?

The material will only cause hot spots if the animal is not fitted properly with the correct size product.

A brief history of  BioThane®

"What began in a basement in 1977 has revolutionized the coated webbing industry. While many new products and solutions have been created along the way, our dedication to our customers, distributors and employees has remained a constant."

Trail Connection uses only Biothane USA products that have outstanding quality compared to their competitors.

What is the best way to care for your BioThane® products?

How to clean my BioThane®

Just with soap, warm water and a cloth/sponge. If you have tougher stains or marks you can use a little rubbing alchohol if needed.

Will insect repellents harm BioThane?

Insect repellents may cause staining or pitting on TPU/PVC coated belts and leather products. Many insect repellents use DEET as an active ingredient which will pit/stain Polyurethane products.

When it is necessary to use a repellent which uses DEET, we suggest an embossed Granite belt as the most durable alternative. Another alternative would be to use an all-natural/organic insect repellent.

What products do you recommend to disinfect BioThane?

We recommend the following to disinfect our belts (choose ONE of the following):

10% bleach solution (take the bleach out of the bottle, at 6.5% active ingredient, and dilute 1 part to 9 parts water)

Envirocide (follow directions on bottle).*

Cavicide (follow directions on bottle).*

*We do not specifically endorse the effectiveness of these products only that they will not harm BioThane in proper use. For additional information on Envirocide please visit or for additional information on Cavicide please visit

The above information was provided through BioThane®.com 

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